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Apply Time Constraints

Consider time constraints with simple drag & drop functionality. Set availabilities globally or individually per course.

Automated Scheduling

Create your resourceoptimized schedule with one click. Move units and customers with a mouse click - AVALA informs you immediately about possible conflicts.

All Customers at a Glance

With our CRM you can easily manage your customers. Import customers from existing lists and contact them directly from AVALA.

Invoice Administration

Not only create invoices from your calendar and stats, but also manage them in AVALA and keep track of them all the time. Cancellation invoices, Direct Debit and automatic payment reconciliation - all in AVALA.

Dashboard and Reporting

Lessons taught and billable services - all at the push of a button. Everywhere you go - With AVALA you have your schedule with you, no matter where you are. Send or record cancellations and shifts directly from your mobile device and update your database.

Feature by feature


Save course plan as PDF and send personalized weekly schedules via e-mail to your customers.

Availability request

Invite your customers via link to enter or update their availability in AVALA.


Sort your participants according to customizable attributes and create groups by drag-and-drop.


Define individual prices and lengths of your lessons per participant or group.


Let yourself be guided by a wizard step by step.

Mobile Application

Use AVALA on your smartphone to keep an eye on your course schedule. You can postpone or cancel lessons on the go - and notify your participants of changes with one click.


Connect to GoCardless, create Direct Debit mandates and collect money automatically - all digitally and from our backend.

Group Availability

See the intersection of your participant's availability in a group and update it with a click when you have new information.


Use AVALA like your digital calendar and create and move units directly on your dashboard.


Use the automatic payment reconciliation feature for Direct Debits and keep an eye on the status of your invoices.

Cancellation Invoice

Should it ever be necessary, you can correct invoices directly with us and send the correction.

Data Update

Keep the data of your customers always up to date and let changes be recorded regularly and directly by your customers.

Demo Mode

After your registration you will start in demo mode. There you can try all functions with test data - without fear that something could go wrong.


If you have any questions, just use our Helpdesk with a lot of tutorials or contact us in Live-Chat.

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